Catfish Alley Cover (bigger)

Catfish Alley

In Frankfort, Kentucky, there once stood a small community that was known as Crawfish Bottom, also called The Craw. It was known for its filthiness, drinking, prostitution, and violence; and one man controlled it all. John Fallis moved to Frankfort when he was young and after a troubling childhood of loss and being bullied, he became the most prominent figure in Frankfort. By the 1920s he was a political boss, bootlegger, gambling guru, womanizer, and ran a prostitution business. He was the most feared man in Frankfort, until the local police and the United States Marshal Service came knocking at his door. From there, The Craw was thrown into years of violence, terror, and corruption as blood is shed and John defends his turf, friends, family, women, and Crawfish Bottom. Based on a True Story.

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A Journey of Heart and Mind Book Cover

A Journey of Heart and Mind

After the high school football season ends in a loss, Joshua Rodgers, a kind and rare breed of teenage boy in the modern world, walks through the crowd and notices all his fellow players being comforted by their girlfriends. As he walks he feels alone and wants what his friends have. Josh is then invited to a party at the quarterback’s house. While at the party he tries his first beer and attempts to ask a girl, Brittany, who he has liked since elementary school to dance, but fails. After another failed attempt something else goes terribly wrong. While he is fine, the next Monday at school his friends feel horrible and come up with a plan for him. They encourage him to text several girls first, in order to get over his shyness and build confidence. Once he does, he tries asking them on a date, but gets rejected by several of them. Eventually he lands a date with one of them, Kayla. However, soon he is ignored, out of the blue, by her. Once he finds out why she ignored him he goes down a path that turns him into something he’s not. He gains confidence, yet in the wrong way. After being constantly rejected, can his best friend and a person he thought he was finished with turn him back into the “Old Josh” before he does something he’ll regret?

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The Bend in the River Cover

The Bend in the River (A Short Story)

An expedition to extract salt for their established town turns deadly for a group of men traveling along the Kentucky River in 1780. Men from Bryan Station on their way to a salt lick near Louisville encounter something they hoped they wouldn’t on the banks of the Kentucky River. They have to fight for their lives until unexpected help arrives near what is today Frankfort, Kentucky.

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